Website Maintenance FAQs

Website Maintenance FAQs2018-12-25T23:55:35+00:00
What If I Don’t Do This and I Get Hacked?2018-01-07T21:51:45+00:00

It’s not a question of IF you will get hacked, but WHEN you will get hacked. 1000’s of websites gets hacked every day, please don’t let your site be next! Often hackers embed malware onto your site that will get your website penalized by Google. A Google penalty often results in tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue and the cleanup itself costs $750 to $1,250. If you’ve already been hacked and need help cleaning it up and getting your rankings back, please contact us immediately.

What Level Of Service Do You Recommend?2018-01-07T22:15:46+00:00

If you’re just starting out, then the Starter Plan is where you should begin. If you’ve got a website that’s already bringing you traffic and leads, then you should choose the Standard Plan. And if your website is bringing in a large chunk of revenue every month and every moment of downtime will cause you to lose revenue, then you definitely need the Professional Plan.

Can I Do This Myself?2018-01-07T22:23:57+00:00

Keeping your website up to date, backed up and secure from hackers requires a high level of knowledge, advanced tools and the years of experience we have at maintaining sites. You too could definitely spend the years we have to gain the level of expertise that we have, but most business owners prefer to outsource this function so they can focus on what they do best, secure and serve their clients.

Doesn’t My Hosting Company Already Do This For Me?2018-01-07T22:48:04+00:00

Nope! With monthly web hosting, you’re just paying for space on a web server that is connected to the internet. In contrast, keeping a website backed up, secure from hacks and malware, up-to-date and fully restored if anything does happen to your site (such as if one of your employees accidentally deletes all your website files) is time consuming and requires a high-level of knowledge and expertise.

How Essential Is This To My Business?2018-01-08T00:39:20+00:00

Your website and your organic rankings on Google are crucial to your business! For the vast majority of our clients, their website brings in over 80% of their new business. If your website gets hacked, not only will you lose your organic rankings and the tens of thousands of dollars that it was bringing in every month, but you’ll also have your online reputation tarnished. There is NOTHING WORSE than receiving a phone call from a potential client asking why you have adult themed material on your homepage 🙁 Don’t let this happen to you!