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How Our eCommerce SEO Services Increased This Company’s Sales 318%

Recently, a company selling pet products online, contacted us based on our #1 organic rankings and asked if we could do the same for them. After doing a complete SEO Audit, we realized that while they were already getting 17,812 visitors a month, we could easily double that traffic by laser focusing on the high-value keywords that would bring in a massive wave of new website visitors and revenue.

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Increased Website Traffic 179% from 17,612 to 49,116 Visitors a Month

SEO Case Study - Google Analytics Increase

How Our eCommerce SEO Experts Ranked Them #1 On Google

The existing sites in the Top 10 for these keywords all had a MOZ Domain Authority of DA43 to DA83, while the client’s site only had a DA22. This was a major hinderance to our ability to rapidly increase their organic rankings for these highly sought after keywords in the pet product industry, because the entire website’s domain authority needed to be doubled to compete with the sites already on the 1st page of Google. To overcome these limitations, we developed a digital marketing strategy that involved extensive on-page optimize, inner-site linking, content marketing, advanced schema markup and an aggressive outreach campaign that enabled us to secure online media coverage and in-bound links from some of the industry’s most trusted websites. This enabled us to organically rank #1 on Google for the industry’s most competitive keyword, that gets searched 40,500 times a month in the United States.
Pet Company SEO Case Study
Google Search Volume of High Value Keywords

How Our SEO for eCommerce Expertise Decreased Their Bounce Rate 96% and Increased Their Page Views 87%

While working on their pet product website, we learned that they had never installed any heat map software to see what their website visitors were doing on their site and they had also never done any conversion rate optimization or multivariate testing to determine what was the best way to convert their website visitors into customers.

After several months of testing and tweaking, we determined which web page layout not only kept website visitors from abandoning their site almost immediately, but also kept them on the site exploring more pages than ever before! The result was a dramatic drop in their bounce rate from a 76% to 3% (a 96% decrease) and an increase in page views from 356 to 647 page views a day (an 87% increase)!

Pre and Post-Conversion Rate Optimization Data Shows The Dramatic Bounce Rate Drop and Pageview Increase

Conversion Rate Optimization Data

Pre-Conversion Rate Optimization

Pre-Conversion Rate Optimization - Google Analytics

Post-Conversion Rate Optimization

After CRO - Conversion Rate Optimization

25,227 pageviews divided by 39 days = 647 page views a day

SEO Heat Maps For Client


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