The young adults of Durham North Carolina are creating new and innovative things each and every day both at work and in the schools they attend. Some of those schools are actually teaching SEO, which is better known as search engine optimization. Here at the Raleigh SEO Company, we take great pride in helping students and young adults learn online marketing and SEO so they can achieve great things throughout their careers.

The need for brilliant and committed students is obvious and Durham has risen to the challenge of producing just such students. With a diverse population and an innovative school system that focuses on digital marketing and online knowledge, they’ve risen above and beyond the typical educational standards and created the bar by which every other school district is judged. With universities and technical colleges, Durham can only become even more adept at preparing students for the real world.

Starting With A Solid Search Marketing Foundation

With 30 elementary schools for grades Kindergarten through fifth grade, 10 middle schools for grades six through eighth grades and 12 high schools for grades nine through twelve, Durham is preparing students for higher standards of search engine marketing on a daily basis. Maintaining focus on humanities and arts as well as science, eight charter schools which are privately run are also open to the public and funded by taxes. These schools offer specifically targeted focuses of study and challenge students to do their very best. See all of Durham’s public schools here.

North Carolina School of Science and Math is also located in Durham. A state of the art residential high school it’s set up for students who excel in these subjects. Focus is on the educational opportunities and it’s located on the grounds of the former Watts Hospital. Students from all around the state of North Carolina come to attend this school.

The Durham School of the Arts is another opportunity for students who are in sixth through 12th grade. As a magnet school, it requires rigorous academics as well as specialized training in both visual and performing arts. It’s all located in the heart of Durham.

Many great private schools are also located in Durham. With faith-based Montessori as well as other specialized schools there are many opportunities for a great education here.

Pinnacle Of Higher Education and a Focus on Digital Marketing

Home to Duke University, a historical and beautiful North Carolina school, it’s renowned as one of the finest in the nation for digital marketing and medicine. Ranked 7th on the list in 2014, it offers literature and political science as well as medicine and law classes.

In 1910 NCCU was the first publicly supported college for liberal arts for those of African American decent. Today, it’s still one of the top schools for education for African American’s.

With many great post-secondary opportunities, Durham has provided many high-quality opportunities for students. Boasting a 100 percent job placement rate among graduates, Durham Tech is also a great place to get a bachelor’s degree.

Here at the Raleigh SEO Company, we love Durham North Carolina so much, that we made it our home 🙂 We even opened up an office that just handles SEO in Durham. In fact, our founder, Brendan Monahan, actually lives in Durham near the Southpoint Mall. If you run a business in Durham and need some search engine optimization help, be sure to reach out to him for assistance.