Since I’ve been tracking this thing so closely since January, I figured I would share my data and sources with you so you understand just how serious this pandemic is.
  1. Someone with it can infect 16 other people in minutes in an enclosed room, like a classroom or an elevator or the grocery store.
  2. You can have the virus and be infecting others with it and not show any symptoms for up to 27 days.
  3. The virus can travel through the air for hours infecting others. Even getting into ventilation shafts like building ACs.
  4. The virus can be spread through the plumbing from one part of a building to another.
  5. The virus can live on surfaces like metal, glass and plastic up to 9 days.
  6. 20% of people that get the virus will need to go to the hospital or they will die. 5% of people will need to be put on ventilators or they will die. And all the ventilators are already being used.
  7. The virus is killing people young and old and that it comes on fast and can take you PERMANENTLY down to the ground.
  8. The virus can live in patients for 37 days after recovery from the virus, continuing to spread it to others if they don’t continue to self-quarantine for an additional 40 days.
  9. Because the virus is so contagious and spreads so quickly, if we don’t shut down the schools (and really all public events and interaction), our hospitals are going to COLLAPSE when everyone gets sick at the same time and slams the hospitals all at once, like Italy is experiencing. And South Korea. And China.
  10. The percentage of people dying from the virus goes up from 3.4% to 6.4% when your hospitals are slammed with patients like in Italy. If we can prevent this from happening, by closing schools down for a while and all public events and interaction, the number of people that die from this virus in the Untied States drops from 21,840,000 to only 11,254,000 dead.
Here’s How You Avoid Getting This Thing
  1. Stay home! Self-isolate. Work from home.
  2. Avoid all public gatherings. Stay 15 feet away from EVERYONE. You have to assume that everyone around you has this virus even if they aren’t showing signs yet. Social distancing is going to need to be our new norm for a while. Remember…it’s in the air at Trader Joes!
  3. And if you do need to go out in public, to get groceries or medicine, wear an N95 mask, nitrite gloves and goggles (this virus is aerosolized and can get in via your eyes). Or better yet, just have everything delivered and then spray it down with 5% bleach and 95% water to kill any potential virus on your deliveries.

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