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Our Results Speak For Themselves

Here are just a few of the results we’ve gotten for the companies we’ve worked with.

#1 For Durham Pediatricians

#1 For Raleigh SEO

#1 For Raleigh Breast Reduction

Customer Success Stories

Partner with us and find out what really happens when you get on the 1st page of Google.

From Page 10 To #3 On Google

235% Increase In Traffic

#1 On Google

More Patients Than We Can Handle

We Drive More Customers To Your Business Than Any Other Source

Find out what makes our search engine optimization services different than the rest

Award Winning SEO

We’ve been implementing industry best SEO practices that get profound results since 1998. We don’t get sites burned like cheap SEO companies do. We build up your online brand and the authority of your website so that you rise to the top organically and naturally. We only use white hat SEO strategies that are proven to get results.

Monthly Reports

Most SEO agencies simply sign you up, make a few website edits and then collect their monthly fees and provide no ongoing reporting or value. They give SEO a bad name. At the Raleigh SEO Company, we not only provide monthly rankings updates, but also keep you abreast of any important Google algorithm updates.

Search Engine Domination

We don’t settle for just getting your business website on the 1st page of Google. We continue to work your website higher up on the 1st page, while simultaneously working to get other web properties you control on the first page as well. First page domination is proven to increase your visibility, trust, leads and revenue.

Trusted Partners

When you become a client of ours, you’ll gain complete access to us any time of the day. We make our personal cell phone numbers and email addresses available to you so you can reach us whenever you have a question or need an update. We’re not a faceless company, but a trusted partner that is here to help you succeed.

Why So Many Companies Choose Us

Here are the 6 most popular reasons why businesses choose us as their digital marketing agency.

We Get You Found Online

If your business website isn't on the first page of Google for the keywords your customers are searching for, then you might as well be invisible. Our SEO experts fix this for you by properly optimizing your website around the keywords customers are using to find businesses like yours and then building the authority, white hat links and social shares needed to get you found online.

We Get Your Website To The 1st Page of Google

If you’re not on the 1st page of Google, then you might as well be invisible to your customers. Stop losing customers to your competitors above you in the search results.

We Get You More Leads & Sales

Our proven SEO strategies often double the number of leads and sales our clients are currently receiving. We use the best search engine optimization on the planet to get you found online and then we hone your website into a customer conversion machine by continuously optimizing, testing and measuring to ensure your website visitors can't help but to become your customer.

Our SEO Strategies Get You In Front of New Customers

Do you want more customer leads and sales coming from your website? Then you need the Raleigh SEO Company to optimize your website to the top of the search engines.

We Guarantee Results

Here at the Raleigh SEO Company, we’ve been search engine optimizing websites since 1998. We’ve achieved over 500,000 first page rankings for both local and national keywords and helped many businesses rank in the #1 organic position for their most important keyword. We are so confident in our ability to get you found online that we guarantee to get you on the 1st page of Google.

Guaranteed Results

Take a closer look at the contracts that other digital marketing agencies want you to sign. Notice how they don’t guarantee anything? The Raleigh SEO Company has never been afraid of guaranteeing our results and we never will be.

500,000 First Page Rankings

We've been ranking websites on the major search engines since 1998. We've ranked local keywords and we've ranked high-competition national keywords. Partnering with us means your website is GUARANTEED to rank higher on the search engines. We bring a long track record of success and look forward to bringing you the best ROI on your marketing dollars that you've ever seen.

We've been ranking websites on the 1st page since 1998

Every month we get more and more websites to the 1st page of Google. Over the years we have successfully gotten over 500,000 1st page rankings for our clients, our own website and the websites of the companies we’ve worked for in the past.

Best ROI For Your Marketing Dollars

Search Engine Optimization provides the greatest return on investment out of any other online marketing method. On average, our clients see a 642% ROI from the search engine marketing work we do for them. In addition, the higher up we get you on Google, the more authority people will feel you have as they perceive your higher organic rankings to be a vote of confidence from Google.

SEO Provides The Greatest Online Marketing ROI

There is no other online marketing method that gets you a greater return on investment than search engine optimizing. In fact, most of our clients see a 5-10x ROI on their marketing spend.

100% Worry Free Contracts

Unlike our competitors, we don't force you into yearly contracts that you can't get out of when they can't increase your organic rankings. We believe in earning your business each and every month, which is why our contracts are only on a month to month basis. If at anytime you are not 100% completely satisfied with our leading edge SEO services, let us know, and we'll close things out.

No Contract = Cancel Anytime

Have you ever been stuck in a one or more year contract with a digital marketing company that can’t provide the results they promised? So do we! Many of our clients wanted to get started with us sooner, but couldn’t due to being locked into an SEO contract. We will never force any of our clients into a contract.

Why More Businesses Choose To Partner With Us

We don’t just provide company SEO services – We’re you’re digital marketing partner


Here at the Raleigh SEO Company, we’ve been search engine optimizing websites since 1998. Over the years we’ve gotten over 500,000 webpages on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo and Bing. We don’t just settle for getting you in the Top 10 on Google, we continue to work at it until we get you up at the top. Next, we help you DOMINATE your competition on Page 1 of Google by taking over multiple Page 1 positions for the search terms you want to rank for. Here’s the type of search engine ranking results we’ve achieve for our clients.


Unlike some of our competitors that promise results for less than you pay your gardener every month, but ultimately lead to your site being penalized and even removed completely from the Google search engine results, here at the Raleigh SEO Company, we only use industry best white hat SEO techniques that keep your site safe, while ensuring it rises up on the search engines organically and naturally. As the leading Raleigh SEO agency, we work with the area’s best brands that are already adding real value to North Carolina, including quality content that helps solve the problems your customers have. We’re here to help you curate, package and deliver your best quality content in a way that the search engines not only approve of it, but so love it, that they push it right to the top of the search results.


Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your competitors don’t understand the power of search engines like Google. If you truly want to break away from the pack, then you need to hire a branding agency like the Raleigh SEO Company that will not only improve your organic online rankings, but after your preferred customer finds you, selects you above and beyond all the rest on the 1st page of Google because of the powerful online branding work we’ve done for you.


Ranking at the top of Google will bring you a flood of new visitors, but if your website doesn’t effectively convert them into new customers, they’ll leave your site for your competition. We’re here to help ensure that doesn’t happen to your website. The #1 most effective way to keep your website visitors on your site, and convert them into new customers, is to share your personal brand story with them. Customers want to feel connected to the companies they choose to do business with, and no other medium does a better job of conveying who you really are and why customers should choose you over the competition, than video. Our video marketing agency services ensure you stand out from the competition and get chosen.


At the Raleigh SEO Company, our SEO experts constantly monitor your search engine rankings and provide you with daily reports to ensure you always know how your internet marketing campaign is doing. Our goal is to give you the freedom and peace of mind needed so that you can do what you do best; run a successful business.


The Raleigh SEO Company guarantees that your website will rank higher for the search terms that will get you found on Google. Once you’re in the Top 10 results on Google, we then work with you to ensure your website is optimized the right way to convert website visitors into new customers. In essence, we not only get you found online, but then ensure you stand out above your competition, resulting in you getting all the new business instead of your competitors. These types of results also apply to the dental SEO work we do for our clients here at the Raleigh SEO Company.


Unlike our competitors, we don’t force you into multi-year contracts. We’re so sure that you’re going to love what we can do for your business that we don’t even feel contracts that lock you in for ANY period of time are necessary. After all, if you’re paying for page 1 results and your SEO agency can’t deliver, why should you be forced to continue to pay them thousands of dollars a month? If at anytime you’re not satisfied with our SEO services, just let us know, and we’ll gladly close things out for you. And unlike our competitors, we won’t withhold account passwords forcing the next agency to have to redo everything that has already been done.


How Much is a #1 Ranking on Google Worth?

Learn how many phone calls and how much revenue you can make when you rank #1 on Google.

Just a Few of the Many Testimonials We’ve Received

The best SEO companies have over 100 testimonials and online reviews from clients around the world. We take great pride in the many we’ve received since we started search engine optimizing websites in 1998.

“Brendan has the unique ability to drive high quality traffic to a website via search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing. I greatly appreciated the additional revenue that his efforts brought to Celebrations Wine Club. Anyone seeking a highly professional and results-oriented marketing expert should definitely speak with Brendan.”
Anna Maria Knapp
Owner & Founder
Celebrations Wine Club
“Brendan has the unique ability to drive high quality traffic to a website via search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing. I greatly appreciated the additional revenue that his efforts brought to Celebrations Wine Club. Anyone seeking a highly professional and results-oriented marketing expert should definitely speak with Brendan.”
Tom Recher
Mid Island Audiology
“Brendan is one of those rare SEO experts that has a proven track record of success dating back to 1998. His ability to rank local businesses as well as multinational corporations for terms that bring in a significant amount of new customers and revenue is impressive. I’d recommend Brendan to anyone that wants to generate more revenue from their website.”
Kerry Briddle
Marketing Director
Tectonic Greens Ltd.
“Brendan increased Pinnacle Systems global eCommerce sales nearly 50%. Thanks to Brendan’s 10 years of eCommerce experience, he was able to quickly ascertain where we could improve our operations and started putting those improvements in place within the first month of joining Pinnacle. The results were staggering: 92% increase in paid search sales, 87% increase in affiliate program sales, 151% increase in email sales, 62% increase in Americas sales, 88% increase in December sales, and page one placement on Google for our two top search terms, resulting in an additional 1.5M new visitors a month!”
Jason Hartman
VP of Sales & Channel Marketing
Pinnacle Systems
“Brendan is one of the best SEO experts in the business. He successfully launched our website to #1 on Google for some of our industry’s most important keywords, which not only brought in a large amount of organic traffic, but also helped us secure customers responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue.”
TJ De Jony
Vice President Sales and Business Development
Brisbane Materials Technology
“Brendan was recommended to me by a business colleague and I’m so glad we’ve had the chance to work with him. His strong work ethic and true interest in seeing our firm grow stood out from all the other search engine optimization experts we spoke with. He’s a true professional and clearly an expert at his craft.”
Ray Brock
South West SEM
“Brendan is exceptionally good at getting more quality traffic to your website. His white-hat SEO techniques perform far better than the grey-hat techniques many of the companies we’ve used before implore. I am impressed with both by his skills and knowledge and am glad I found him. I highly recommend him.”
Kantanan Garfield
Strategic Digital Marketing Manager
SFR Internet Media
“The people at the Raleigh SEO Company really have this internet marketing thing figured out! We saw an almost 450% ROI on our campaign in a very reasonable amount of time. Their white-hat SEO strategies kept our site safe from potential Google penalties and primed it for future growth.”
Michael James Fuertes
Page One Solutions
“If you are looking for an SEO expert you’ve found him. Brendan’s knowledge in SEO and online marketing is beyond his years. He drives for results and continues to make his clients happy with their rankings. I highly recommend Brendan for what he offers.”
Coel Wilson
Global West Group
“Brendan is a powerhouse in the SEO and search engine marketing space. His unique skill set is like no other I’ve seen so far in my career. A colleague recommendation is all it took to give his service a try and we’ve easily profited over 10x over the last year of working with him. He’s a true professional that has always been courteous and always provided a significant ROI. He’s a true asset to any business he touches and has my highest recommendation.”
Jeremy Litwicki
Founder & CEO
Profit Addiction
“Brendan and I have been working together since 2011, and during that time I’ve seen him do some incredible things when it comes to SEO, SEM and affiliate marketing. His in-depth knowledge of how to use public relations and content creation to drive high quality traffic to websites, and then how to convert those visitors into customers, is an invaluable skill that not many other online marketing experts have.”
Ross Moore
Director of Network Development
“I just wanted to personally thank you for all you have done for us and our business. Your website and online presence recommendations really helped us with the sites we were trying to rank locally. They’re moving up the top 10 results as we speak and I have no doubt they’ll continue at the current break-neck speed. I really can’t say enough about how much you have helped us, all I can say is thank you very much.”
Kristina Crowley
Social Media Manager
Social Media Bliss
“I work with many top-tier SEO and lead generation firms and I consider Brendan to be among the best. What sets him apart is his dedication to continuous improvement that allows him to stay ahead of this fast changing knowledge-space by learning, testing and then implementing the latest success strategies. If you can qualify to work with Brendan and his team, then your business will reap massive benefits”
Jeff Meyer
Split Cast Media
“I worked directly with Brendan on several large scale global eCommerce initiatives. He brought industry knowledge and immediate revenue generating ideas. Due to his creative and e-commerce marketing knowledge, the year over year worldwide growth was tremendously successful. Brendan has a real drive to very quickly jump into new teams and provide the ability to lead them. I would recommend Brendan.”
Adam Walsh
Director of Client Commerce
Digital River
“Brendan defined, built and implemented an e-business suite to support public, inter and intra company communication that proved to be the required sinews that enabled Infineon’s Network & Computer Storage group to grow from $15M to $315M within 18 months. Some of the most effective tools in the suite were the public website, customer extranets, engineering portals, secure email communication and online meetings.”
Mike Rampelberg
Marketing Director
Infineon Technologies
“Working with Brendan has been a great experience. His SEO knowledge is bar none to all the other digital marketing professionals I’ve done business with over the years. He’s truly an open book and even showed me the ranking technique he used to rank Philips #1 on Google. A true professional that just wants to help you succeed online. He’s my #1 recommendation these days.”
Thanh Pham
Marketing Manager
MetaCDN Inc.
“We saw a 212% lift in website traffic after Brendan and his team worked on our website. And most importantly, the traffic was higher quality than we had been receiving in the past as it was laser focused from the higher-value keywords we’ve wanted to rank for for the last 3 years. Exceptionally talented individual with a friendly demeanor that always made me feel at ease. Highly recommend.”
Jennifer Gebhardt
Founder & President
LaLumina Marketing
“Brendan’s knowledge on SEO, PPC and Facebook advertising is simply incredible. His proven SEO techniques consistently produces results we never dreamed possible. He’s been very generous with his time and always there for us when we needed questions answered. Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting Brendan so that I can focus on my business. I greatly appreciate all you’ve done for us.”
Amier Najaf
Head of Marketing
Nova Founders Capital

Work With The #1 Raleigh SEO Expert

Due to the high demand for our SEO service, we can’t take on everyone that contacts us, but for those that meet our reasonable list of requirements, we would be glad to speak with you personally to find out what you believe search engine optimization can do for you.

Please be aware that WE ARE NOT one of those cheap search engine optimization firms that produce no results and ultimately get your site penalized by Google. If that’s what you’re looking for, please go to one of our competitors. We only work with businesses that understand that SEO is an investment and are willing to put in the time and effort to achieve Top 10 results on Google.

To get started, simply fill out our Discovery Form and we’ll get back to you within 24 to 72 business hours with a free consultation, website analysis and an honest assessment of the changes we could make to improve your business.

Here at the Raleigh SEO Company, we help local and national businesses get found online and chosen over their competitors. But we’ve got a soft spot for Raleigh based businesses, which is why we’re a proud member of the Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Member.

Brendan Monahan

Brendan Monahan, Founder of the
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